Yes, you can. Keemple devices are simple to add and require just a few simple steps, which are explained in the user manual.
* Please note that by installing devices without a certified Keemple representative, may cause the system to work improperly and will void your Keemple warranty.

No. Once the system is setup, everything will be saved on the cloud and on the gateway, so once the power will come back, the system will be back to normal.

No. Once the system is setup, everything will be saved on the cloud and on the gateway, so once the power will come back, the system will be back to normal.

Not exactly. All of the systems parameters and configurations will be saved, but you will have to reconnect the gateway to the new internet.
* If the new internet will be blocked to approach when away, additional configuration may be needed.

No. Our system can be connected to a WiFi network. In this case we would suggest placing the gateway approx. 3 meters from the WiFi router, and at least 3-4 meters from any other WiFi device.
* The gateway can only connect to 2.4Ghz networks.

Yes. All you need to do is change the login credentials.

Yes. You can install the application on several devices (smartphones and tablets), of both Android and iOS operating systems.

No. Some of our devices, especially the security devices, work on battery. There life expectancy is about 1-2 years (depending on usage)

Our smart radiator valve is compatible with 30×1.5 (k) connection.
* The smart radiator valve does come with adaptors to fit most of the radiator valves out there.

Keemple will always provide service to its clients. You can always go online and check the proper way to contact us.
* In case of improper use of the system or the devices, we may not be able to provide the level of service or support that we usually would, but we surly will try.

No. Each system has its own gateway with its own account. Once installed and setup, devices cannot “talk” to a different gateway. You can even use more than 1 system in the same house, without interference.

Generally, any device that uses 38K infrared beam, that is set and not changing can be controlled with our multimedia controller, for example most of the TV’s, air conditioning systems, receivers, cable boxes, fans, stereo systems and more.

Depends. It really is a question of how does this device work? For example, a floor heating system can be electrical, or it can be with hot water. We suggest contacting us so we can find out together weather it is possible or not.

Yes, you can. It is possible to insert an SD card into the camera itself and configure the recording settings for each camera individually.

You can connect up to 232 Z-Wave devices to 1 gateway, but you can use more than 1 gateway in an account, which means you can multiply this number in the number of gateways that you have.
IP devices like cameras can connect more than 100 devices.

The Keemple system has a 128bit level of encryption, similar to what most bank systems use.

The Z-Wave network range is approx. 15 meters inside, but it works as a mesh network, which means that you can extend that range by connecting power connected Z-Wave devices.

No. The application is free of charge on both Android and iOS devices, and you can install it as many times as you want.

In general, the Z-Wave protocol is the same for all companies (with different software versions), so it should be compatible, but implementation work may be needed, so it can either not work at all or work improperly.

Yes, by all means, the smart plug can be transferred according to the customer’s request.

Yes, the application is designed in such a way as to enable any User to develop further scenarios easily. In case of problems, our experts will be happy to help in the implementation of the new scenario.


In this case, you only need to replace the battery.

Our system is completely non-invasive, we do not drill, we do not bore, do not make holes in the walls, all devices are connected via the Z-Wave wireless communications protocol.


Yes, all devices within the Keemple system work together. Therefore, if the given lights are operated by the system, you can create a scenario that will enable the sensor to turn the lights on and off.

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