Motion sensor

A modest gesture is all it takes to make your home respond

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Easy installation

A smart home

A home that knows what you expect

Movements can trigger specific responses, thanks to a properly programmed motion sensor that reads signals for action. Imagine curtains opening as you enter a room or lights turning on automatically. Create a home that knows what you expect.

Modern design

Economical form and extraordinary possibilities

What is a smart motion sensor?

This device detects movement of objects with a temperature close to human body, and can be used in security systems, scenarios, and connections. The Keemple motion sensor is compact and battery-powered.

Free management app

An intuitive app lets you control your smart home from anywhere, anytime, leveraging the potential of the reliable Keemple system. Your home has never been so close.

Motion sensor - possibilities

The sensor sends a signal to the gateway when motion is detected or not. It enables integrations with other devices. Activating the security system will notify you via the app when motion is detected. You can also create convenient connections, such as automatically turning on lights in a room when the device detects motion.

Technical parameters

Power supply: CR123A battery

Wireless protocol: Z-Wave

Frequency: 868.42 MHz

Range: up to 50m outside, up to 30m inside

Storage temperature: 0°C to 60°C

Ambient temperature during operation: 0°C to 40°C

Detection range: up to 7 meters

Field of view: 90 ͦ

Battery life: 1 year

Dimensions (mm): 45(H)*45(W)*40(D).

Certyfikaty CE FCC