Radiator valve

Regulate the flow and delivery of heat in your home.

On / Off

Easy installation

Smart home

Control the temperature in your home

The smart thermostat allows you to regulate the temperature in the rooms according to your expectations. Feel the perfect warmth inside your home. Allows you to control the temperature in the apartment at a level that is comfortable for the household members. The programmed schedule will allow you to enjoy the ideal temperature in your home. You can do all this quickly and easily in the app!

Modern design

Economical form and extraordinary possibilities

Radiator control and healthy temperature

Among the unquestionable advantages that make smart heating, so popular these days is the guarantee of ensuring a healthy temperature in the apartment. Experts confirm that in order for the human body to function properly during the daytime, the temperature in the room should be maintained at around 21°C. In turn, the optimal temperature at nighttime is 18°C to 19°C. In such conditions, it is easier to regenerate, so we get up with new energy.

Free management application

An intuitive app will allow you to control your smart home from anywhere, anytime. Harness the potential of the reliable Keemple system. Your home has never been so close to you.

Smart heating control

The smart thermostat is equipped with a simple mechanism. You don't need to have specialized skills when using it. When you are away from home for an extended period of time, you can control the heating remotely. This is a comfort you can afford with Keemple devices.

Technical parameters

Power supply: 2 x AA 1.5V battery 

Temperature range: 5°C to 40°C

Measurement accuracy: +/- 0.5°C

Dimensions: ∅57mm x 93mm

Maximum valve adjustment value:5.0mm

Color: white

Wireless protocol: Z-Wave

Frequency: 868.42 MHz

Range: up to 50m outside, up to 30m inside

Waterproof: IP30

Certyfikaty CE FCC