A smart device that you control from a distance.

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Easy installation

Smart home

Stay in touch with your household members

Keemple camera is an excellent option for people who want to ensure greater security for their loved ones. It has microSD card recording functions and allows you to communicate by voice with your household members when you are away from home. You can quickly check the images from the camera at any time in the Keemple app.

Modern design

Economical form and extraordinary capabilities

Keemple camera - how does it work?

A Keemple camera is a small device that provides real-time video and audio via an app. No matter where you are, you will have the ability to communicate with your household members. The device connects to your home Wi-Fi network.
The Keemple camera is designed for indoor use. It has a function to save recordings on a microSD card and a wide-angle lens. Place it in a location that provides the best visibility of the area you are interested in. The adjustable base allows you to point the camera in any direction. The camera adjusts its operation according to the lighting conditions so that, both day and night, it maintains the best possible image quality. Its minimalist design makes it adaptable to your home's decor.

Free management app

An intuitive app will allow you to control your smart home from anywhere, anytime. Harness the potential of the reliable Keemple system. Your home has never been so close to you.

Smart home camera

The camera is a device that allows you to get a picture of what is happening in your home. With your security system activated, you will receive a notification from the app with an attached photo taken when the camera detects movement. When it is detected, the recording is saved on a microSD card.

Technical parameters

Wireless protocol: Wi-Fi

Power supply: 1000mA charger

Frequency: 2.4GHz

Range: dependent on the Wi-Fi network

Dimensions (mm): 70*70*83