Everything under control


We provide a simple, friendly and affordable smart home system.

Flexible module-based system

Simplicity of wire-free devices

Control and monitoring from any place, at any time

Smart home that cares about your expenses

Brain of a smart home

Your everyday life can become much more pleasant when you live in a smart home. Control and monitor your immediate environment with Keemple app on your phone or tablet.

Aplikacja Keemple

System adapted to the user’s needs.

The Keemple application has been designed for even the most demanding users and their needs.
Navigation is very intuitive, which makes it easier to operate the system.

Smart technology

Our mission is to provide state-of-the-art technologies that combine functionality and simplicity of use.

By cooperating with different companies around the world, we are constantly searching for the best solutions to make the Keemple system increasingly better.

Efficient and clean assembly

The installation of the Keemple system is carried out by our qualified technicians.

It is quick and non-invasive, without the need to interfere in the structure of the house.

Service and support

By providing our users with the Keemple system, we also want to ensure constant and best customer care.

Our office staff, and the team of specialists are always ready to offer their help and support.