Water sensor

Monitoring the room against flooding.

On / Off

Easy installation

Smart home

Quick notifications

The flood sensor will signal you about a water leak. When it is detected, the device sends a notification from the app and emits an alarm sound. This allows you to react in time.

Modern design

Economical form and extraordinary capabilities

Safety at home with a flood sensor

The flood sensor will increase the level of security in your home. In a situation when it detects water, you will hear a sound signal, and in the app, you will receive a notification. You have the opportunity to react in time and notify the appropriate services, even when you are away from home. It is worth installing the sensor in the bathroom, under the washing machine, bathtub, or under the dishwasher in the kitchen. The sensor comes with an external sensor, whose small size allows you to place it even in hard-to-reach places. Keep your finger on the pulse and keep your home safe!

Free management app

An intuitive app will allow you to control your smart home from anywhere, anytime. Take advantage of the potential of the reliable Keemple system. Your home has never been so close to you.

Technical specifications

Power supply: CR 23A battery

Wireless protocol: Z-Wave

Frequency: 868.42 MHz

Network range: up to 50 m outdoors, up to 30 m indoors

Storage temperature: 0°C to 60°C

Ambient temperature during operation: 0°C to 40°C

Battery life: 2 years

Dimensions (mm): 68(H)*68(W)*34(D).

Certyfikaty CE FCC