Smart motion sensors

All you need is a small gesture to allow your home to react

inteligentne czujniki ruchu Keemple

Motion sensor

Light sensor

Activation of other devices

Welcome to the home of the future

With smart motion sensors, everyday life will become more simple and enjoyable. Sensors will turn the lights on or off at the perfect moment. The curtains will open when you expect it. The coffee maker can be turned on with just one gesture.

Modern design

Aesthetic, universal and useful

inteligentne czujniki ruchu Keemple

A free management application

The intuitive application will allow you to control your smart home from anywhere, anytime. Use the potential of the reliable Keemple system’s potential. Your home has never been so close to you.

smart włącznik światła z aplikacją


Are you away from home? Are you wondering if your children are back from school? Did they leave for classes on time? You have no reason to worry. You can check everything on your phone or tablet and react in time.


A home that knows what you expect

Design scenarios that will make your home come to life. Motion sensors activate the desired sequence of events, enabling you to save time and really enjoy a smart home.

Technical data

Distance: 80 m outside / 40 m indoors
Frequency: 868.4 Mhz EU; 908.4 Mhz US
Detection parameters: 7 m; 110°
Power supply: CR 123Ax1
Battery life: 1 year
Power consumption in standby mode: 15 uA
Working temperature: 0°C ~ 40°C
Working humidity: 20% ~ 85% (BK)
Storage temperature: 0°C ~ 60°C
Storage humidity: 0% ~ 90% (BK)
Size: 45 mm (S) x 45 mm (W) x 48 mm (G)
Weight: 42 g
Certificates: CE, FCC, RoHS

Certyfikaty CE FCC
inteligentne czujniki ruchu Keemple